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Intergenerational Poverty Update

The Operation Rio Grande website has been updated with the latest data for each of the phases. To view the latest information and data, visit operationriogrande.utah.gov.

In addition, on Monday Dec. 10, the Office of the Legislative Auditor General released “A Performance Audit of Utah’s Homeless Services” to the public. A few questions have been asked about how this audit impacts Operation Rio Grande and the current work taking place to transition to the new resource center model.

See below for more details about data updates and a brief FAQ regarding the latest audit.

Updates - December 14, 2018
Data updates

The Operation Rio Grande website continues to be updated monthly with the latest data on measures for each of the three phases. In addition, a more expanded data snapshot was provided at the one-year mark of Operation Rio Grande.

Audit: A Performance Audit of Utah’s Homeless Services

The audit on homeless services was widely covered by media earlier this week. The audit identified concerns with data in the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and the need for a unified state plan that will establish goals and benchmarks for the homeless system in Utah. A previous audit done earlier in the year examined the funding sources to better understand the flow of money supporting homeless services. The auditors estimate Utah spent over $100 million in 2017 on direct and indirect costs associated with services for individuals experiencing homelessness. Media coverage of the audit highlighted the specific concerns regarding inaccurate data and whether the estimated $100 million being spent is being used the best way.

The complete audits are available below:
A Performance Audit of Utah’s Homeless Services
A Limited Review of Sources of Funding and Expenditures for Homeless Initiatives

Since the audit release, questions have been asked regarding the estimated dollar amounts and the concerns about the data on how this relates to Operation Rio Grande and the current work taking place to transition to the new resource center model. The following frequently asked questions has been prepared to help answer these questions.

Click to view the full PDF

Holiday Donation Message

On Dec. 4, the Lt. Governor and Pamela Atkinson, local officials and service providers gathered together to share a message to the public regarding donations during the holiday season. ABC4’s Glen Mills reported on this message. See below.

Photo of Glen Mills reporting linked to his story.

Disbursement Concerns

Disbursement continues to be a concern during the winter months. From the beginning of Operation Rio Grande, we expected disbursement to occur and that some of our service-resistant individuals would find new areas to camp. As a result, Operation Rio Grande partners have been mobilizing outreach efforts and coordinating cleanup projects. In addition, the Department of Public Safety is responding to requests from local law enforcement agencies for added support whenever necessary. This includes efforts to stop drug trafficking movements into other areas.

If someone witnesses non-emergency criminal activity related to Operation Rio Grande or homelessness, please notify the local police department first. They will coordinate with Public Safety if additional support is needed. If it is an emergency, please call 911.

For more information, visit www.operationriogrande.utah.gov.

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