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Intergenerational Poverty Update

The Operation Rio Grande website has been updated with the latest data for each of the phases. To view the latest information and data, visit operationriogrande.utah.gov.

In addition, The Road Home introduced a new security pilot program at the men’s shelter entrance, and law enforcement discussed the summer uptick.

Updates - July 20, 2018

Data updates

During the summer months, an uptick is expected with individuals experiencing homelessness congregating more in the downtown and Rio Grande area. Even with the uptick, the crime rate remains low, and treatment services and employment activities continue. Click here to view the data and monthly measurements. Make sure to click on the individual tracking sheets for each phase.
PHASE I TRACKING MEASUREMENT: Part one offenses (serious/frequent crimes) — comparing the current year to a three-year average. The figures included in this graph are preliminary figures for general situational awareness and trend purposes only. Figures may change over time with crime classification and area boundaries. DOWNTOWN SHELTER Updated 7/18/2018 OVERALL OUTCOME: Improve public safety and order in the Rio Grande area. Part I Crimes in the Rio Grande Area 300 3-Yr avg (2014-2016) s e s n 2017 e f f o f o r e b m u N 250 200 2018 150 27% Down 29% 42% 41% 43% Percentage Operation Rio Grande begins change 100 Weeks 1-4 5-8 9-12 13-16 17-20 21-24 25-28 29-32 33-36 37-40 41-44 45-48 49-52 ADDITIONAL MEASUREMENTS 600 AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.OPERATIONRIOGRANDE.UTAH.GOV N W 24% 19% 36% 46% 17% ARRESTS June 2018 O D 26% August Total 14, since 2017 SAFE SPACE ACTIVITIES Felony 69 905 Misdemeanor 149 1,956 Warrants 66 1,540 June 2018 Total since August 14, 2017 Cards Issued 456 5,960 Access Activity 55,412 scans / 2,231 individuals 340,921 scans / 5,842 individuals 711 FY18 Monthly Daily Average Check-ins Average check-ins 800 FY 17 Aug. – June FY 18 727 FY17 700 FY 18 = July 2017 through June 2018 600 FY 17 = July 2016 through June 2017 800
Operation Rio Grande Phase 2 Tracking OPERATION RIO GRANDE PHASE 2 TRACKING OVERALL OUTCOME: Support people struggling with mental illness & drug addiction so they can return to a path of self reliance. ADDITIONAL MEASUREMENTS Updated 7/18/2018 MEASUREMENT: Number of individuals entering into treatment through the new drug court program as a result of Operation Rio Grande. The number is influenced by bed capacity and assessment activities. 25 22 ENTERING 17 17 13 7 8 SEP 2017 OCT NOV DEC JAN 2018 FEB MAR Behavioral health assessments DRUG COURT Number of individuals who have pled into the program SOBER LIVING Activity June 2018 Total since Dec. 2017 Residential beds gained 17 83 Placements 24 113 10 5 1 APR MAY JUNE June 2018 Total since August 14, 2017 0 Beds added 200 11 SEP 2017 243 Beds added 8 Behavioral assessments health 16 25 10 114 OCT 2017 NOV 2017 DEC 2017 TOTAL 8 JAN 2018 12 FEB 2018 2 MAR 2018 8 APR 2018 9 MAY 2018 9 JUNE 2018 FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.OPERATIONRIOGRANDE.UTAH.GOV
Operation Rio Grande Phase 3 Tracking OPERATION RIO GRANDE PHASE 3 TRACKING OVERALL OUTCOME: Prepare and connect individuals to income that supports housing. MEASUREMENT: Number of individuals that become employed through Dignity of Work activities and continue their employment over a period of time. Click here to see this month’s workshop schedule. Updated 7/18/2018 92 Employed Through June 2018 (Dignity of Work began November 9, 2017) ADDITIONAL MEASUREMENTS JOB SEEKER Activity June 2018 Total since Nov. 9, 2017 Employment Plans 22 309 Work Ready Completions 4 73 DIGNITY OF WORK EMPLOYERS Activity June 2018 Total since Nov. 9, 2017 Jobs: Postings 26 212 HOUSING Short Term/Diversion (June 2018) *Long Term Housing Support (June 2018) Measure Individuals No. of Aug. Total 14, Since 2017 Measure Individuals No. of Aug. Total 14, Since 2017 Referrals 64 977 Individuals served 62 338 emergency Diverted from shelter 28 352 Individuals housed 41 110 Housed 16 155 *Totals include CABHI and ACOT numbers Receiving housing case management 76 DIGNITY OF WORK WORKSHOP SCHEDULE FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.OPERATIONRIOGRANDE.UTAH.GOV

The Road Home Security Pilot

On Wednesday, July 11, The Road Home implemented new security strategies that are being piloted in the downtown emergency shelter. The Road Home is working to implement new policies and procedures including using metal detectors at check in, managing the flow of people at entrance and exit, and an innovative incident response system that holds clients accountable for unacceptable behaviors, while still providing shelter and services for all those in need. Data from the pilot program will be gathered and reviewed to determine effectiveness of the policies and procedures, which will help shape a security plan that will more effectively curtail substance abuse and help clients feel more secure.

Media coverage: Deseret News, Fox13

Disbursement Concerns
Disbursement continues to be a concern with the warmer weather conditions. From the beginning of Operation Rio Grande, we expected disbursement to occur and some service-resistant individuals experiencing homelessness would find new areas to camp. This is resulting in mobilizing outreach efforts and coordinating cleanup projects. In addition, the Department of Public Safety is responding to requests from local law enforcement agencies for added support whenever necessary. This includes efforts to stop drug trafficking movements into other areas.

If someone witnesses non-emergency criminal activity related to Operation Rio Grande or homelessness, please notify your local police department first. They will coordinate with Public Safety if additional support is needed. If it is an emergency, please call 911.

For more information, visit www.operationriogrande.utah.gov.

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